Casper wins Philip K. Dick Award

In her third novel, The Mercy Journals, Claudia Casper foretells Trump’s Wall in a post-apocalyptic story about people desperate to re-unite in the aftermath of North American strife due to a water crisis. FULL STORY


Secret graves

You’ve heard of Ellis Island, the processing station in New York harbour for millions of immigrants who came to America… FULL STORY

Angie Abdou

BCBW: Why the fascination with Chaucer? ANGIE ABDOU: Chaucer is possibly the very first English writer to have a true… FULL STORY

Morris Panych

Morris Panych made his playwriting debut with a musical, search Last Call: A Post-Nuclear Cabaret, more about in 1982, this… FULL STORY

Alan Haig-Brown

It was fishing that paid Alan Haig-Brown’s way through school, treat and later he edited the trade magazine Westcoast Fisherman…. FULL STORY

John Calvert

Cry me a river: John Calvert blows the whistle on the privatization of power We’ve all read those horror stories… FULL STORY

Sylvia Olsen

Sylvia Olsen steps off the construction site looking like a million bucks. At 51, visit this site the mother of… FULL STORY

Peter Such

After a 25-year hiatus, novelist Peter Such has returned to the future with his dystopic view of terrorism and technology… FULL STORY

Rita Moir

To write The Windshift Line, sick (Greystone), her elegiac memoir, Rita Moir holed up in a Fort Macleod motel with… FULL STORY

Joyce Nelson

Joyce Nelson has been compared to Neil Postman and dubbed “the most astute cultural critic in Canada” (Books in Canada)…. FULL STORY

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