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In which young people who help get to learn the difference between a spider web and a cob web–and the addiction of writing is given its due. FULL STORY


This 1879 cartoon depicts Amor de Cosmos telling a Chinese immigrant to leave B.C. because he refuses to assimilate. “You won’t drink whiskey, and talk politics and vote like us,” he says.

The B.C. premier named Love of the Universe was prophetic, brilliant and strange

When William Alexander Smith changed his name, there was much derision. They asked, “Why not Amor Muggins De Cosmos or Amor De Cosmos Caesar?”

Now a new biography by Gordon Hawkins, The De Cosmos Enigma (Ronsdale $21.95), brings this odd character into focus. FULL STORY


Pony Tales

It’s a horse race, of sorts. Nikki Tate has seven equestrian novels and now Julie White is catching up with… FULL STORY


Goodbye Dubai

“My childhood was not that strange,” he says. “Riding bikes, camping, being bored at church or school, being nervous around… FULL STORY

Landmarks, Singh, Mary Lou Alan Yosef Mary Nicol

Lamp Post Lit

This ongoing project was kickstarted by the vision of poet and philanthropist Yosef Wosk and spearheaded by the city’s Chief… FULL STORY

Dauncey, Guy bamboo horizontal

A better world is possible

Instead of dystopianism, the Victoria futurist wants to encourage people to imagine bold solutions to environmental challenges. On its way… FULL STORY

Braches, Fred by Guillermo Garcia

Getting the goods on Godwin

Fred Braches has produced a monograph that includes revelations from Geroge Godwin’s correspondence. B.C.’s universities have undertaken precious little spadework on… FULL STORY

Cameron, Stevie Pickton farm site

Pickton & popcorn

Filming is scheduled to start this week in Vancouver for a CBC movie about the murders on Robert Pickton’s hog… FULL STORY

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