500 dead swallows are hard to swallow

The high school shooting in Florida is big news; but gun control is also an issue north of the 49th parallel. And not all shootings make the headlines or result in court cases. FULL STORY


High risks, high expectations

Kelowna historian K. Wayne Wilson recommends Douglas Grant’s account of hard work, technological innovation and tenacity.

Going to the dogs

Coren has written one of the world’s bestselling non-fiction books about dogs, The Intelligence of Dogs, as well as Why… FULL STORY

Howe Sound advice

Pauline Le Bel’s Whale in the Door suggests activities and actions to deep readers’ connections to Howe Sound, as well… FULL STORY

Ted Hughes: Titan of Fairness

Now Craig McInnes’s candid and engaging biography outlines the achievements of British Columbia’s most respected public servant. The Mighty Hughes:… FULL STORY

The malleable truth

Stephen Wadhams’ The Orwell Tapes is a collection of memories from those who crossed paths with the complex character who… FULL STORY

Better, but not benign

Former Tsimshian students recall attending Anglican and Methodist schools at Spaksuut (Port Essington) and Terrace in Helen Raptis’ collaboratively written… FULL STORY

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