Inherited war memories

In her debut poetry book, writer & theatre artist Danielle Janess (left) employs form and language – becoming theatre, film clips, photographs and dance – to delve into her grandfather’s WW II experiences. FULL STORY


Inherited war memories

In the tradition of “poetry of witness,” Danielle Janess’s debut book of poems, The Milk of Amnesia (MQUP $17.95) uses… FULL STORY

Watermelon snow

SFU professor, activist and Green Party candidate Lynne Quarmby writes about her time aboard a schooner of artists on a… FULL STORY

W is for Vanessa Winn

Vanessa Winn’s first historical novel, The Chief Factor’s Daughter (TouchWood 2009) imagines the life of a young Métis woman who lived… FULL STORY

Logging and trapping

In Crossing the Divide: Discovering A Wilderness Ethic in Canada’s Northern Rockies (Creekstone $21.95), Wayne Sawchuk describes his life working… FULL STORY

Guilty admissions

Zsuzsi Gartner’s first, full-length novel, The Beguiling (Hamish Hamilton $29.95 hardcover) will be coming out in September 2020. Lapsed-Catholic Lucy hears a… FULL STORY

Hoaxes and lies

A hoax isn’t always a lie meant to deceive or wound, it can also exert a positive influence argues Heather… FULL STORY

Celebrity images

Working on a postdoctoral fellowship at SFU, Katja Lee wrote Limelight: Canadian Women and the Rise of Celebrity Autobiography ( Wilfrid Laurier… FULL STORY

I is for Itineraries

After forty years as a UBC political science professor, Philip Resnick offers his reflections on academic freedom and key political… FULL STORY

Working at Woodward’s

In her third book, Food Floor: My Woodward’s Days (Madrona Books $15.95) Margaret Cadwaladr recounts working as a grocery cashier… FULL STORY

Not okay

Jaye simpson, who identifies as non-binary has written their first collection of poetry and prose, it was never going to be… FULL STORY

Adventuring grizzlies

Judy Hilgemann wrote and illustrated the kidlit book, The Great Grizzlies Go Home (Harbour $23.95) about two grizzlie bears that… FULL STORY

From poetry to hockey

Not many poets can claim to have poetry collections in esteemed journals as well as hockey columns in sports magazines…. FULL STORY

Y is for Yusuf

Examining poetic visions and traditions in his debut poetry collection, Pluviophile (Nightwood $18.95) Yusuf Saadi works with form, imagery and… FULL STORY

H is for Ho

Masquerade, a story by Wiley Ho of North Vancouver, has been selected by novelist Eileen Cook as the winning entry… FULL STORY

The in-between space

Self-described on her website as “a white-passing, city-raised Indigenous woman with mental illness who has lost her mother,” Francine Cunningham… FULL STORY

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