Victoria Book Prizes

“Maleea Acker (at left) joins four other writers shortlisted this year for the City of Victoria Butler Book Prize. Three writers are up for the City of Victoria Children’s Book Prize. Read more here.FULL STORY




David Suzuki

David Suzuki takes his twin grandkids (Suzuki is their Bompa) on an expedition hunting for bugs in Bompa’s Insect Expedition… FULL STORY

Ken Budd

It was 1971 when the idea for No Killers, No Cowards (SummerWild $25) first came to Ken Budd after a… FULL STORY

Ulla Hakanson

In Ulla Hakanson’s first thriller The Price of Silence, (BroadPen Books, 2013), a young woman, Amy Robinson, is stalked by… FULL STORY

Dietrich Kalteis

Already a critically acclaimed author of ten books, Dietrich Kalteis is back on the scene with The Get: A Crime… FULL STORY

Julie Lawson

One of BC’s, and Canada’s best children’s authors, Julie Lawson has published more than thirty books for young people. She… FULL STORY

Karen Enns

In her fourth poetry collection, Dislocations (Univ. of Regina Press $19.95), Karen Enns’ verses are a lyrical journey through the… FULL STORY

Michael Audain

Michael Audain began collecting art as a teenager. Later, with his wife Yoshiko Karasawa, this collection grew to be one… FULL STORY

Wanda John-Kehewin

Fourteen-year-old Eva Brown feels lonely and small her home in Hope, BC in Wanda John-Kehewin’s latest YA novel, Hopeless in… FULL STORY

Bronwyn Preece

A leg injury left Bronwyn Preece with a severely crooked knee but it didn’t stop her taking a grueling, two-week… FULL STORY

Haley Healey

Haley Healey writes books that inspire, often focusing on the accomplishments of pioneering women from historical British Columbia. These true… FULL STORY

Guy Immega

Guy Immega, a retired aerospace engineer and entrepreneur living in Vancouver, has published his debut sci-fi novel Super-Earth Mother, the… FULL STORY

Adrian Raeside

Saying goodbye to a feline friend is never easy. In the illustrated children’s book Paradise for Cats (Harbour $19.95), Adrian… FULL STORY

Judy LeBlanc

In her multi-generational novel spanning hundreds of years, Judy LeBlanc brings to life the Expulsion of the Acadians (1755 –… FULL STORY

Buffy Cram

A child of the 1960s, Elizabeth Squire has a complex and difficult relationship with her mother Margaret in the novel… FULL STORY

Nancy Hundal

On her first day at a new school, Stazy (short for Anastasia), meets three other girls (Rena, Faye and Hali)… FULL STORY

Ian Thomas

With an MSc in biological sciences, Ian Thomas works for the non-profit Ancient Forest Alliance, but he also writes poetry…. FULL STORY

Good morning poems

George Bowering has curated a collection of poems to be read in the morning, Good Morning Poems: a start to… FULL STORY

Every child matters

As the founder of Orange Shirt Day and an Indigenous survivor of the Canadian residential school system, Phyllis Webstad has… FULL STORY

Tara Sidhoo Fraser

In November 2014, Tara Sidhoo Fraser’s life was irrevocably altered. After suffering a stroke due to a rare brain mutation… FULL STORY

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