Green gold in 1850s B.C.

Gabriel Hemery’s (l.) semi-fictional story of a Scottish gardener hired to collect seeds of wild B.C. plants to send home, enthralled reviewer Michael Layland – once he got over his distaste for the book cover. FULL STORY

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Aidan Cassie

Winner of the 2019 Victoria Children’s Book Prize for her debut picture book, Sterling, Best Dog Ever (Farrar, Straus and… FULL STORY

When he was banished from Iceland to Greenland in 982, Erik Thorvaldsson—aka Erik the Red—established a settlement at Qassiarsuk, or… FULL STORY

Poems on Buses

The Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia (ABPBC) has announced the 2019/20 Poetry in Transit poets: Garry Gottfriedson (Kamloops)… FULL STORY

Emily Carr’s B.C.

After tracing Emily Carr’s historic travels throughout the province, Laurie Carter is set to launch the final book in her… FULL STORY

Mind your imperfection

Visual Inspection by Matt Rader Gibsons: Nightwood Editions, 2019 $18.95 / 9780889713567 Reviewed by Paul Falardeau * I don’t live… FULL STORY

P is for Pearson

The year is 1811, the apex of Napoleon’s empire. Two French travelers meet en route to Italy — he playing… FULL STORY

Tales from North of 60

Reviewer Paul Falardeau says Van Camp’s tone is conversational, whether hearing a tape recording or the gossip of aunties, we… FULL STORY

L is for Sarah Leavitt

Sarah Leavitt’s second graphic novel, Agnes, Murderess (Freehand $29.95) is based on the folk legend of serial killer Agnes McVee… FULL STORY

L is for Laba

After seventeen years, Mark Laba has produced a second collection of poems The Inflatable Life (Anvil $18). According to his… FULL STORY

Ode to Island Life

A new book examines the layered life on islands in the Salish Sea, including Salt Spring Island. Review by Theresa… FULL STORY

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