Immigrant story shortlisted for Rubery

A man leaves his family in Japan to work in Canada, only to be confined in a WW2 internment camp. What happens next is the subject of a shortlisted novel by Kunio Yamagishi (left). FULL STORY

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An Eden in our midst

The mighty Fraser River is B.C.’s largest, most ecologically diverse and productive waterway. Between the towns of Hope and Mission… FULL STORY

Man of destiny

Jesse Donaldson’s new book, Land of Destiny: A History of Vancouver Real Estate (Anvil $20) will be launched December 19…. FULL STORY

Grieving a stillbirth

Thirty-nine weeks and six days pregnant, Emma Hansen’s baby stops moving inside of her. Doctors confirm her baby is dead… FULL STORY

The iconic polar bear

Although natural historians began writing about the polar bear as early as the mid-eighteenth century, it wasn’t until 1971 that… FULL STORY

Saving wild birds

Eight-year-old Gabi accidentally drops food one day that a crow swoops down and eats. A few days later, Gabi drops… FULL STORY

Wagging the dog

Founder of the blog, Companion Animal Psychology, where she writes about training methods and the human-dog relationship, Zazie Todd has… FULL STORY

Natelle Fitzgerald

When journalism graduate Natelle Fitzgerald of tiny Beaton, B.C. (formerly Thomson’s Landing, at the head of Upper Arrow Lake) isn’t… FULL STORY

Shotguns in libraries

Librarians not only help readers find books, some also write them. Cranbrook Public Library’s community development librarian is the latter…. FULL STORY

Karen Schauber

Montreal-raised Karen Schauber edited The Group of Seven Reimagined: Contemporary Stories Inspired by Historic Canadian Paintings (Heritage 2019), an anthology… FULL STORY

Sara Panton

Sara Panton, co-founder of essential oil company vitruvi has written Essential Well Being: A Modern Guide to Using Essential Oils… FULL STORY

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