Yucho Chow re-discovered

“Author and curator, Catherine Clement (left) has won B.C.’s top award for historical writing for her book about an early Vancouver photographer whose work was almost forgotten.” FULL STORY


Easy yoga

Yoga is known for its positive effect on mood and physiology. It works for children, especially those needing healthy ways… FULL STORY

Harriet and Curtis

Spanning generations and geography, Glen Huser’s novel Burning the Night (NeWest Press $19.95) portrays a small-town young man, Curtis who… FULL STORY

The schlemiel

The subject of Sarah Mintz’s debut short fiction collection, Handwringers (Radiant Press $20) is her “mediated Jewish identity,” she says,… FULL STORY

RC Weslowski

Canadian Poetry Slam champion, R.C. Weslowski has released his debut collection, My Soft Response to the Wars (Write Bloody North… FULL STORY

Surrealism & Anarchy

Denman Island’s Ron Sakolsky has published his magnum opus, Dreams of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Dreams: Adventures at the… FULL STORY

The missing kayaker

Aaron Bushkowsky’s second novel Waterproof (Cormorant $24.95), due out in October, is a black comedy about two men who lose… FULL STORY

Culinary combat

Having authored seven previous novels for young readers, all of which have been nominated for, or won literary prizes, Rachelle… FULL STORY

Shining memory artifacts

Having retired from teaching English and creative writing at St. Michael’s University School, Terence Young has published a spellbinding collection… FULL STORY

The Broughton

Writer and artist Gwen Curry’s new title, Converging Waters: The Beauty and Challenges of the Broughton Archipelago (RMB $40) with… FULL STORY

Supernatural home

In her debut collection of short stories Glorious Frazzled Beings (House of Anansi $22.99), Angélique Lalonde explores the notion of… FULL STORY

First bff

Arleen Paré’s seventh title, First (Brick Books $22.95) documents the search for her first best friend using prose poem narrative…. FULL STORY

Beliefs & ideals

UBC professor of gender and Islamic studies, Ayesha Chaudhry has written The Colour of God (Oneworld Publications $25) in response… FULL STORY

Merging the heart and mind

Susan McCaslin’s new collection of poems Heart Work (Ekstasis $24.95) continues her decades-long focus on contemplative poetry and social justice…. FULL STORY

Telecom in Canada

Internet companies have a lot of control over a technology that is increasingly vital to most Canadians for personal and… FULL STORY

Ode to loving

In her second collection of poems, blue gait (Mother Tongue $19.95) due out in October, shauna paull sings the praises… FULL STORY

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