Familial duty, resentment & guilt

Two sets of sisters are suddenly thrust into the role of family caretakers in Annabel Lyon’s (left) upcoming novel Consent (Penguin Random House). It leads to a tangled web. FULL STORY


WW2 camaraderie

Janet Love Morrison has written The Hawk and the Hare (Tidewater $22.95), a novel inspired by the true story of… FULL STORY

Reva, Maria

Wrote Good Citizens Need Not Fear (Knopf $29.95) about a cast of characters living in a crumbling apartment building in… FULL STORY

Music, travel, love

In Czech Techno & Other Stories of Music (Anvil $18) Mark Jarman’s five tales are built around music and travel…. FULL STORY

A girl and three iron soldiers

Métis playwright Marie Clements’ latest work, Iron Peggy (Talonbooks $16.95) employs magic realism to span multi-generations and link contemporary times… FULL STORY

Love trickery

Tracing his dating history in Vancouver to find the love of his life, Kevin Spenst simultaneously probes the historical form… FULL STORY

Doukhobor doubt

B.A. Thomas-Peter’s debut novel, The Kissing Fence (Caitlin $24.95) begins with two separate stories about various characters dealing with their… FULL STORY

B.C.’s mule train driver

Susan Smith-Josephy has published, Cataline: The Life of BC’s Legendary Packer (Caitlin $22.95), with Irene Bjerky, about the historic “packer,” Jean… FULL STORY

Big bodies

Christina Myers edited Big: Stories about Life in Plus-Sized Bodies (Caitlin $24.95), a collection of non-fiction stories from 26 plus-sized,… FULL STORY

M is for John McKay

John McKay has written Sovereign of the Seas 1637: A Reconstruction of the Most Powerful Warship of its Day (Seaforth… FULL STORY

Himalaya karma

Mountaineer and entrepreneur, Michael Schauch turned his attention to fundraising and international mentorship after 20 years working in global investment…. FULL STORY

Renate goes roaming

When German-born Renate Belczyk set out in 1955 to tour the world with her childhood friend Sigrid, two young women… FULL STORY

The tale of Takaya

After spending several years documenting a lone coastal wolf on the islands of Discovery and Chatham, mere miles off Victoria’s… FULL STORY

B.C. by boat

Alex Zimmerman has self-published, Becoming Coastal: 25 years of exploration and discovery of the British Columbia coast by paddle, oar… FULL STORY

T is for Tan

Coen Caraway is left with more than heartache after his fiancé, Elias Santos fatally crashes an airplane one week before… FULL STORY

Friends for life

There is a new kids book, Terry Fox and Me (Tundra $21.99), written from the perspective of Terry Fox’s boyhood… FULL STORY

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