Saving B.C.’s Northern Rockies

“Wayne Sawchuk (left) explains how he came to be involved in saving the Muskwa-Kechika Area from devastating industrial development and how contentious the planning process became.” FULL STORY


New digital world

Former staff reporter at Winnipeg Free Press, South China Morning Post and Asia Times, Michael Bociurkiw of Sidney has written… FULL STORY

The Big One

People in the Pacific Northwest have been warned about The Big One, a massive earthquake, likely followed by a tsunami,… FULL STORY

The big one

In Andy Zuliani’s Last Tide (NeWest Press $21.95) two burnt-out employees, Ana and Win are sent to an island in… FULL STORY

Mecha maiden

They’ve got over 250,000 YouTube subscribers, 65,000 Twitter followers, 25,000 Instagram followers and a website that averages 5,000 unique visitors… FULL STORY


A seminal time in Caroline Wong’s life occurred in her early teens when her family moved from Southern China to… FULL STORY

Pain & ecstasy in ballet

Winner of the 2021 Raven Chapbooks Poetry Contest, Kyeren Regehr has published the poems in Disassembling a Dancer (Raven Chapbooks… FULL STORY

Little Red goes to court

Lytton-raised Kevin Loring’s latest play, Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer (Talonbooks $16.95) concerns the last remaining member of a… FULL STORY

Nature’s healing power

After many years enjoying pastimes as a mountaineer and naturalist, architect Rob Wood was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He recounts… FULL STORY

Adventure on the savannah

Jon Turk’s fifth adventure narrative about being on the unforgiving savannah with a Samburu headman, Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness… FULL STORY

Covid kids

Caroline Adderson’s new book for young people, Sunny Days Inside (Groundwood $16.99) is a collection of linked short stories about… FULL STORY

My sweet, my fate

Beginning with a quote from poet e.e. cummings — ” i fear no fate(for you are my fate, my sweet)”… FULL STORY

Music & activism

Vancouver musician and social activist Earle Peach has written Questions to the Moon: Songs & Stories (Lazara Press $20) about… FULL STORY

What doesn’t kill you

In her seventh collection of poetry, Villa Negativa (Biblioasis $19.95), Sharon McCartney reflects on events such as a sibling’s death,… FULL STORY

Easy yoga

Yoga is known for its positive effect on mood and physiology. It works for children, especially those needing healthy ways… FULL STORY

Harriet and Curtis

Spanning generations and geography, Glen Huser’s novel Burning the Night (NeWest Press $19.95) portrays a small-town young man, Curtis who… FULL STORY

The schlemiel

The subject of Sarah Mintz’s debut short fiction collection, Handwringers (Radiant Press $20) is her “mediated Jewish identity,” she says,… FULL STORY

RC Weslowski

Canadian Poetry Slam champion, R.C. Weslowski has released his debut collection, My Soft Response to the Wars (Write Bloody North… FULL STORY

Surrealism & Anarchy

Denman Island’s Ron Sakolsky has published his magnum opus, Dreams of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Dreams: Adventures at the… FULL STORY

The missing kayaker

Aaron Bushkowsky’s second novel Waterproof (Cormorant $24.95), due out in October, is a black comedy about two men who lose… FULL STORY

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