Naqvi makes her debut

“Winner of the 2021 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award, Zehra Naqvi (left), is set to release her debut collection of poems and prose inspired by personal memory, family history and Quaranic traditions.FULL STORY



Sheri-D Wilson

In The ONEIRONAUT ∅1 (Write Bloody North $20.00), the first volume of the Rain trilogy, a brilliant scientist named Rain… FULL STORY

Robin Gregory

Co-authored with Brooke Moore, Robin Gregory’s book, Sorting It Out: Supporting Teenage Decision Making (Cambridge University Press $29.99) is a… FULL STORY

Caroline Woodward

Embark on a coastal adventure that engages the senses through Have You Ever Heard a Whale Exhale? (Pownal Street Press… FULL STORY

John MacLachlan Gray

Dora Decker, a.k.a. the Fatal Flapper, becomes internationally famous for stabbing her employer in 1920s Vancouver. Meanwhile Ed McCurdy, Canada’s… FULL STORY

Roy Henry Vickers

Discover the world of the West Coast’s animal groups in A Flock of Gulls, a Chorus of Frogs (Harbour $14.95)…. FULL STORY

Amy Mattes

In the summer of 2000, grief-stricken skateboarder, Ines leaves her sheltered hometown for Montreal. Entranced by the city, she befriends… FULL STORY

Prudence Emery

Step into London’s Savoy Hotel in the 1960s with Princess of the Savoy (D&M $19.95), the third volume of a… FULL STORY

Michael Clague

Author of the memoir, So, How Have I Been Doing at Being Who I Am? (Self Published, 2023), Michael Clague… FULL STORY

Ujjal Dosanjh

Born in rural India, Ujjal Dosanjh emigrated to the UK at 18, where he worked various jobs while attending night… FULL STORY

Collin Varner

Retired horticulturalist, Collin Varner, who worked at UBC’s Botanical Garden where he also taught courses in native plant studies, continues… FULL STORY

Yolanda Ridge

“Poop can’t fight the climate crisis alone, of course. But the truth is that healthy ecosystems rely on poo-producing animals… FULL STORY

George Zukerman

In Have Bassoon, Will Travel: Memoir of an adventurous life in music (Ronsdale $24.95), George Zukerman, a concert bassoonist who… FULL STORY

Tom Wayman

In The Road to Appledore: Or How I Went Back to the Land Without Ever Having Lived There in the… FULL STORY

Shashi Bhat

In this captivating collection from the Governor General’s Award-shortlisted author, Shashi Bhat, Death by a Thousand Cuts (McClelland & Stewart… FULL STORY

Emily McGiffin

“my body and ark, carrying successors like a chambered nautilus; what I was placed here to do, ferry the unborn… FULL STORY

Ray Harris

Pastor, teacher, musician and writer, Ray Harris of Abbotsford is the author of Fullness of Time: Devotionals, Poems, Pictures, and… FULL STORY

Jan DeGrass

It’s 1941. Eighteen-year-old Anna Leonova’s dreams of studying botany in Stalin’s Soviet Union are shattered when her mother, who is… FULL STORY

Linda DeMeulemeester

After being abandoned at birth by her father, Phineas, Effy finds a comfortable home with her great-aunt Ada, who is… FULL STORY

Sarah Cox

What’s to be done when only three spotted owls are left in Canada’s wild? When wolves eat endangered caribou, cormorants… FULL STORY

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