Highways of courage

Once upon a time a man in a wheelchair travelled 40,000 kilometres through 34 countries in 18 months. His Rick Hansen Foundation has since raised $326 million for those with spinal chord injuries. REVIEW


Malcolm Lowry at his squatter’s shack, Dollarton, North Vancouver

Malcolm Lowry at his squatter’s shack, Dollarton, North Vancouver

Founded in 1987, the BC BookWorld newspaper is the forerunner of the BCBookLook website and the ABCBookWorld public reference site.

As Canada’s largest-circulation, independent publication about books, the quarterly publication has been identified by Dr. Rowland Lorimer, in his report for the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing, as ‘the most important and effective element’ in the infrastructure which encourages book publishing in the province with the highest per capita book reading rate in Canada.

It still reaches as many people as possible, with as much information as possible, about as many books as possible, via 650 distribution outlets.

But we live in an increasingy digital age, whether we like it or not.

People are increasingly disinclined to wait for information.

Hence it became necessary to a fashion a new service that can provide news and reviews — and a heckuva lot of other stuff — all immediately available from anywhere on the planet to spread awareness of B.C. books and authors.

Everything on BCBookLook is original. We don’t have interns who cut ‘n’ paste stuff from publishers’ websites and call it content.

We are ridiculously under-funded given the amount of information we provide, but we acknowledge and remain grateful for the support we do receive from creativeBC.

— Alan Twigg, Publisher

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