Writing a Ukrainian saga at this time

“Diana Stevan (left) tells how the onset of the war waged in Ukraine by Russia coincided with the completion of her Ukrainian family saga and brought her closer to her ancestors.FULL STORY



Ron Thom went to the Vancouver School of Art in the 1930s and 40s where he was inspired by a cadre of equally brilliant people such as B.C. Binning, and Jack and Doug Shadbolt.

Great mind, sad life

One of BC's most visionary architects, Ron Thom battled a deadly addiction upon his return home from WW2.

Thom’s houses on Vancouver’s north shore remain avant-garde and remarkably comfortable more than 60 years on. FULL STORY

The quiet reckoning

Reviewing The Quiet In Me: Poems by Patrick Lane, Trevor Carolan writes “This is the receding artist’s sayonara, when love… FULL STORY

Risky ventures

Here Edwin Wong chats with BCBookLook about his passion for theatre and the books he has recently written about “Risk… FULL STORY

Science NOT silence

When the elements of survival we all depend on are threatened, people’s health, well-being and even their lives are also… FULL STORY

Boy’s best friend

Author Darren Groth, an advocate for neurodiversity in literature based the boy, Kasper and dog, Tao on his son and… FULL STORY

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