Jane Rule’s wisdom shines

Putting “all men in the category of beasts and murderers is to embrace the same blind hatred of a sex which Andrea Dworkin accuses men of in their attitude toward women as nothing but sexual objects.” FULL STORY

Victoria's Stephen Wadhams has interviewed seventy people who knew George Orwell (above).

The malleable truth

In the Trump era, Orwell’s insights resonate profoundly.

Stephen Wadhams’ The Orwell Tapes is a collection of memories from those who crossed paths with the complex character who first described Big Brother, thoughtcrime, Newspeak and doublethink. FULL STORY

Better, but not benign

Former Tsimshian students recall attending Anglican and Methodist schools at Spaksuut (Port Essington) and Terrace in Helen Raptis’ collaboratively written… FULL STORY

Smokeaters for hire, for fire

Aaron Williams’ Chasing Smoke: A Wildfire Memoir (Harbour $22.95) describes 16-hour, high-adrenaline days in apocalyptic fiery landscapes. Chasing Smoke. A… FULL STORY

SOG. Save our glaciers

An unprecedented array of full-colour photographs of some of western Canada’s most striking glaciers and icefield elicits awe. Our Vanishing… FULL STORY

Al Neil (1924-2017)

“New York has William Burroughs, Los Angeles has Charles Bukowski and Vancouver has Al Neil,” — local author John Armstrong… FULL STORY

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