From Passchendaele to Paris

Debut novelist Paul Nicholson of Victoria as crafted a World War One novel in which his protagonist rubs shoulders with Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein, reviewed by Valerie Green. REVIEW

A white protagonist leaves Kinshasa in search of a villain in the dense jungles of the Congo.

Tracing a modern Kurtz in the Congo

Deni Ellis Béchard's captivating, autobiographical novel, White, combines a high-stakes plot with self-examination.

The novel’s depiction of the confusion and violence of the Congo is entirely convincing according to reviewer Paul Headrick. FULL STORY

RBCM: a dualistic museum

An intriguing overview by Patricia Roy (left), The Collectors shows how the Royal B.C. Museum’s unsung curators have since developed… FULL STORY

Two writes of the Passage

Christopher Wright, author of Arctic Cargo, reviews Ken Burton’s Canada’s Arctic and Kevin Vallely’s Rowing the Northwest Passage. Rowing the… FULL STORY

Trail & the atomic bomb

His independent title recalls a rare instance when Canada did not entirely focus its research efforts in eastern Canada.

Derek Hayes stays on track

The intrepid geographer’s 15th magnum opus doesn’t disappoint, according to local historian Walter Volovsek, an expert on the Columbia &… FULL STORY

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