The illusionary realism of E.J. Hughes

Robert Amos touts the sophisticated “primitivism” of painter E.J. Hughes, “a slight, dapper gentleman who drove a Jaguar and looked more like a small town businessman” according to Phyllis Reeve. FULL STORY

Angus Matthews walks baby Miracle at Oak Bay,1977.

We all bleed the same

From guns to cameras, the shooting of whales is examined by environmental historian Jason Colby in Orca: How We Came to Know and Love the Ocean’s Greatest Predator.

Review Anna Hall calls it “an exceptional book and a significant contribution to the conservation of killer whales.” FULL STORY

Al Neil continues to percolate

But there’s nothing like a personal reminiscence–or three–to reveal how extraordinary and perplexing and difficult and odd he could be.

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