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Christopher Cheung (left) discusses his provocative new book about race and representation in Canadian media in this exclusive BCBookLook interview.” FULL STORY


Literary Landmarks

#180 Rick Antonson

LOCATION: Mohamed Tahar Library, lower south east quadrant of old Timbuktu proper, Mali Part of the royalties from Rick Antonson’s… FULL STORY

#179 Katherine Gordon

LOCATION: Mt. Tarawera, north island of New Zealand, site of an 1886 volcanic eruption that buried many Maori villages. In… FULL STORY

#178 Sheila Munro

LOCATION: Munro’s Books, 1108 Government Street, Victoria In a National Geographic book called Destinations of a Lifetime (2016), Munro’s Books… FULL STORY

#177 Edward Arthur Wilson

LOCATION: Valdes Island. The charismatic and notorious scam artist, religious leader and author The Brother XII established his cult settlements… FULL STORY

#176 Julie White

LOCATION: Silver Creek Library, 921 Salmon River Road, 23 minutes southwest of Salmon Arm. DIRECTIONS: Head west on Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1;… FULL STORY

#175 Alec Wainman

LOCATION: Wainman Cove, west side of Okanagan Lake, B.C. Having survived non-combative service in the Spanish Civil War, Alec Wainman,… FULL STORY

#174 John Tod

LOCATION: Tod House, 2564 Heron Street, Oak Bay. One of the oldest surviving houses in Western Canada was built by… FULL STORY

#173 Phil Thomas

LOCATION: Jericho Park, Vancouver. Adjoining the seaside setting for the annual Vancouver Folk Musical festival, there is a park bench… FULL STORY

#172 Rabindranath Tagore

LOCATION: Tagore bust, outside Asian Centre, 1871 West Mall, east of Nitobe Gardens, University of British Columbia. Awarded the Nobel… FULL STORY

#171 A.M. Stephen

LOCATION: The Felix Apartments, 610 Jervis Street (Jervis and Pender), Vancouver. Little-known today, A.M. Stephen resided here, in Suite 41,… FULL STORY

#170 Ed Starkins

LOCATION: 3851 Osler, Shaughnessy neighborhood, Vancouver The most famous unsolved murder in B.C. history is the subject of Who Killed… FULL STORY

#168 Chelsea Rooney

LOCATION: Sirdar Pub, on Highway 3A, 20 minutes north of Creston. Established in 1925, this 60-seat pub attracts the two… FULL STORY

#167 Harry Robinson

LOCATION: Chopaka, an unincorporated settlement on the west bank of the Similkameen River. The hometown of Harry Robinson now mostly… FULL STORY

#166 Warburton Pike

LOCATION: Mount Warburton Pike, south side of Saturna Island. It’s the island’s highest point, at 497 meters. 48 46′ 28″… FULL STORY

#165 Helen Piddington

LOCATION: Loughborough Inlet, 150 miles north of Vancouver. A 22-mile stretch from Chancellor Channel and Cordero Channel to the mouth… FULL STORY

#164 Ray Phillips

LOCATION: Young Life’s Malibu Club, Malibu Rapids, 100 miles north of Vancouver, at the mouth of Princess Louisa Inlet, a… FULL STORY

#163 Laurence J. Peter

LOCATION: Metro Theatre, 1370 Southwest Marine Drive, Vancouver. One of the most famous non-fiction books written in British Columbia, The… FULL STORY

#161 Miranda Pearson

LOCATION: Jericho Beach, 3941 Point Grey Road, Vancouver. Originally the site of a First Nations village called Ee’yullmough, the beach… FULL STORY

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