R.I.P. Alice Munro (1931 – 2024)

“Compared to Anton Chekhov for her peerless short stories for which she won a Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013, Alice Munro (left) has died.FULL STORY


Terry Dance-Bennink

April 09th, 2024

Terry Dance-Bennink, a UK-born activist, found her way to Toronto as a university student and eventually moved to Victoria in the 90s. Throughout her life, she championed various causes including peace, civil rights, women’s rights and environmentalism. Her debut memoir, Dance Through Time (Friesenpress $17.99), showcases how she sustained personal struggles such as divorce, breast cancer and blindness to build a career in both the non-profit and public sectors. She continued to advocate for numerous movements including adult education, representation for Indigenous people and old-growth forests. Seventy-five years later, Dance-Bennink is still on the front lines to save BC’s ancient forests and combat climate change. 9781039198760

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