R.I.P. Alice Munro (1931 – 2024)

“Compared to Anton Chekhov for her peerless short stories for which she won a Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013, Alice Munro (left) has died.FULL STORY


Brian Douglas

April 09th, 2024

Brian Douglas’ debut novel, They Flutter Behind You (Friesenpress $31.49), follows an illicit and illegal relationship of a high school student and her guidance counselor, Trent. When their relationship crashes and burns, the guidance counsellor finds himself in jail, trying to fathom how things went so awry. Along with the prison psychiatrist, Edmond Thackery, Trent works towards overcoming inexplicable trauma he had to endure as a child, while Trent’s closest family and friends try to deal with the aftermath of what his actions brought to light. Publicity states that this novel is about the human capacity for deplorable acts, redemption and transformation. Douglas holds a master’s degree with a double major in clinical counselling and pastoral leadership. 9781039195431

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