R.I.P. Alice Munro (1931 – 2024)

“Compared to Anton Chekhov for her peerless short stories for which she won a Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013, Alice Munro (left) has died.FULL STORY


Andrea Fritz

April 22nd, 2024

Indigenous artist and storyteller Andrea Fritz writes the story of Smuy, a kind-hearted little deer, and Spaal’, a cunning raven. As winter approaches and food becomes scarce, Smuy hopes Spaal’ will share, but the raven only has tricks up his wings. Undeterred, Smuy devises a plan, mashing his remaining berries into the snow, creating a tempting treat. Spaal’ notices the yummy-looking red snow and asks to taste some. Smuy, prepared for Spaal’s tricks, is equipped with a little trick of his own – one that ensures both animals are warm and fed for the winter. Through Raven Gets Tricked (Orca $21.95), Fritz showcases Indigenous storytelling techniques, art and the rich culture and language of the Hul’q’umi’num’-speaking Peoples, building on her previous works Otter Doesn’t Know (Orca, 2023) and Crow Helps a Friend (Orca, 2024). 9781459836273

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