Naqvi makes her debut

“Winner of the 2021 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award, Zehra Naqvi (left), is set to release her debut collection of poems and prose inspired by personal memory, family history and Quaranic traditions.FULL STORY



Kerry Gilbert

In her collection of linked poems, Lady Bird (Exile Editions $15.95), poet Kerry Gilbert addresses Amelia Earhart at the same… FULL STORY

Monica Nawrocki

Author Monica Nawrocki brings the boogeyman to life in her speculative fiction novel, Inside the Dreaming (Library and Archives Canada… FULL STORY

Keiko Honda

Keiko Honda is a successful cancer epidemiologist whose life turned upside down when she contracted a rare autoimmune disease with… FULL STORY

Christopher Thompson

Following a Palestinian refugee family, Christopher Thompson’s debut novel, The Struggle Continues: An arduous journey of hope (FriesenPress $35.99) unfolds… FULL STORY

Gail Kirkpatrick

Museum curator Margaret gets an unexpected inheritance of eight million dollars from her late sister Shirley, along with a whimsical… FULL STORY

Wendy Picken

A diminutive and unique heroine—a damselfly-mouse-bird-moth-frog-beetle—embarks on a quest for her origin story, accompanied by rhymes and songs in Rainbees… FULL STORY

Karen Hofmann

The final novel in the Lund sibling series by Karen Hofmann, Where We Live (NeWest $22.95) follows four middle-aged siblings… FULL STORY

J.T. Siemens

Now a fully-fledged private investigator, Sloane Donovan navigates the mundane task of keeping a celebrity in Vancouver alive, but is… FULL STORY

Cole Nowicki

A collection of short nonfiction pieces by Cole Nowicki, Laser Quit Smoking Massage (NeWest $21.95) delves into the intricacies of… FULL STORY

Tanya Lloyd Kyi

It’s a normal day and you spot a dragon overhead. You know you can’t defeat it by yourself, so you… FULL STORY

Hayley Lowe

Noor and her grandfather bond over a shared love for pies and creating cherished memories during summer holidays. Once school… FULL STORY

Grant Hayter-Menzies

This poignant memoir, Freddie: The Rescue Dog Who Rescued Me (Heritage $24.95) captures the transformative impact of Freddie on the… FULL STORY

Arleen Paré

Through deft poetics and documentary pieces, reminiscent of C.D. Wright’s style, Arleen Paré explores the poignant, shortened life of A.,… FULL STORY

Meghan Fandrich

In the aftermath of the Village of Lytton burning to the ground, Meghan Fandrich witnessed her community and business perish… FULL STORY

Gail Anderson-Dargatz

Fourteen-year-old Charlotte receives a drone, and sets out to validate her grandma’s lifelong belief that the elusive lake monster, Dottie,… FULL STORY

Melinda Di Lorenzo

In a world where every dollar matters, seventeen-year-old Hannah Dresher faces the fallout of her alcoholic mom’s actions. When her… FULL STORY

Loghan Paylor

Kathleen, better known as Kit McNair, a troublesome changeling was nursed to health by their mother’s Celtic magic, after having… FULL STORY

Charlene Knight

“My own path to joy has been blurred by hardship, but part of my journey is that I refuse to… FULL STORY

Max Wyman

Advocating a transformative role for art and culture in modern democracy, Max Wyman’s seventh book, The Compassionate Imagination: How the… FULL STORY

Benjamin Perrin

Legal expert and former top advisor to the Prime Minister, Benjamin Perrin critically examines the Canadian criminal justice system through… FULL STORY

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