Becoming a better animal

“In her acceptance speech for the George Ryga Award, wild salmon activist Alexandra Morton (left) says humans have to learn how to fit into this planet & stop destroying so much around us.FULL STORY




Fly fishing father

Avid fly-fisher, Mark Hume has logged thousands of hours over the last five decades standing in BC’s rivers, casting his… FULL STORY

Answer to Blue

D.H. Lawrence posed the question “Oh what in you can answer to this blueness?” and North Vancouver poet Russell Thornton… FULL STORY

The stone witch

Squamish-based Amber Cowie’s Last One Alive (Simon & Schuster $24.99) follows a team of researchers exploring the myth of a… FULL STORY

White Raven

Heiltsuk hereditary member Teoni Spathelfer’s first book, Little Wolf (Heritage House, 2021) is about a young Indigenous girl who moves… FULL STORY

The Vannini family

V is for Vannini After five years, 400 interviews and 250 ferry rides Phillip Vannini released Ferry Tales: Mobility, Place,… FULL STORY

Fight for your right

Megan Clendenan has worked for women’s rights, mental health and youth empowerment nonprofits as well as an environmental law group,… FULL STORY

Indigenizing business

Businesses are increasingly confronted by Canada’s complicated relationship with Indigenous peoples. Where some see challenges, others see opportunity and Priscilla… FULL STORY

Confessional poems

Michelle Poirier Brown was 38 when she discovered she had a hidden indigenous identity. Coming to terms with her new… FULL STORY

Spiritual solace

Pondering life and death issues such as a child attempting suicide and large parts of North America burning in hellish… FULL STORY

Bollywood gets political

Vancouver-based author, radio host and journalist, Gurpreet Singh has written a book about a Bollywood star and activist, which simultaneously… FULL STORY

Toolbox for hope

In her third non-fiction title for younger readers ages 12 and older, Urgent Message from a Hot Planet: Navigating the… FULL STORY

The power of friendship

In Paul Headrick’s novel Losing Shepherd (Signature Editions $22.95), Canadian literary star Gordon Bridge is delighted with his celebrity, his… FULL STORY

S is for Strang

Catriona Strang’s sixth collection of poetry Unfuckable Lardass (Talonbooks $16.95) takes its title from an outrageous insult directed at the… FULL STORY

G is for Growcott

After working every morning in a Lancashire cotton mill in 19th century England, ten-year-old Jane, often exhausted, goes to school… FULL STORY

Good cop, bad cop

Disgraced ex-policewoman now working as a fitness instructor and struggling with PTSD, Sloane Donovan finds the dead body of one… FULL STORY

Nakba memoir

Born in Edmonton in 1977 to a Palestinian family living in exile from their homeland, Dr. Mowafa Househ grew up… FULL STORY

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