100 years of BC books

“Two literary mavericks appreciated on May 22: publisher & author Howard White (left) and bookseller Don Stewart. Details here.” FULL STORY


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Bonnie McGhie

In 1954, a young California woman, Bonnie McGhie went to the North seeking to escape conventional gender norms. She married… FULL STORY

Andrea Warner

Author Andrea Warner’s short book that packs a punch, The Time of My Life (ECW Press $19.95), delves into the… FULL STORY

Brian Douglas

Brian Douglas’ debut novel, They Flutter Behind You (Friesenpress $31.49), follows an illicit and illegal relationship of a high school… FULL STORY

Julie Paul

A candid collection of poems by Julie Paul, Whiny Baby (McGill-Queen’s University Press $19.95) explores her personal experiences without resorting… FULL STORY

Karen Lee White

Karen Lee White’s latest novel, Bonewalker (Exile Editions $28.66) follows Krie Redsky, an extraordinary Indigenous child, who possesses both a… FULL STORY

Terry Dance-Bennink

Terry Dance-Bennink, a UK-born activist, found her way to Toronto as a university student and eventually moved to Victoria in… FULL STORY

100 years of BC books

Howard White (at right) has been Western Canada’s most enduring and influential book publisher during the past fifty years. He… FULL STORY

Alli Vail

Author Alli Vail’s debut novel, Brooklyn Thomas Isn’t Here (Post Hill Press $25.99), due out in May, follows the narrative of young… FULL STORY

Guy Babineau

A collection of short stories capturing the lives of 2SLGBTQ+ characters from the 1970s to ’90s, Guy Babineau’s Channel Surfing… FULL STORY

Alyssa Hall

Alyssa Hall’s sixth novel, And Then I Heard the Quiet (Friesenpress $19.99), due out in May, follows Valerie Russo, as… FULL STORY

M.J. Milne

When Gerri’s best friend seeks help, she willingly steps in as a substitute house-sitter at an Italian villa, as it… FULL STORY

Roz Nay

Bestselling author of Our Little Secret, Roz Nay’s latest novel, The Offing (Viking $24.95) due out in May, follows two… FULL STORY

Myriam Lacroix

At a concert in a dilapidated punk house, Myriam and Allison fall in love. But what if they could rewrite… FULL STORY

Jann Everard

‎Author Jann Everard’s debut short story collection, Blue Runaways (Stonehewer Books $23.95), delves into themes of love and loss through… FULL STORY

Megan Clendenan

Every day, humans rely on food, regardless of their location or activities. Ever wondered how humans remain fed, even when… FULL STORY

Sara Cassidy

Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Award winning author, Sara Cassidy’s new book, The Secret Office (Orca $8.95), due out in… FULL STORY

Merrie-Ellen Wilcox

Healthy ecosystems are crucial for the myriad of species, including humans, that inhabit Earth. However, human activities such as deforestation,… FULL STORY

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