Fertig’s new poems

“Poet, publisher and long-time supporter of the writing community, Salt Spring Island-based Mona Fertig (left) has released her first collection of poems in 14 years.” FULL STORY


Author Archive

Ron Prasad

Ellie Price is a chronically ill former marathon runner, who embarks on a life-affirming journey to find the secrets to… FULL STORY

Daphne Leonie Wright

In her debut novel, On Love and Death and Belonging (Brimelow Goff $20.00), Daphne Leonie Wright explores the lives of… FULL STORY

Judy LeBlanc

Author Judy LeBlanc embarks on a journey of discovery and reconciliation with her Coast Salish ancestry after her mother’s death… FULL STORY

Ardelle Holden

The first book in the Oliver Frampton Mystery Series by Ardelle Holden, Killing Imaginary Friends (Self Published $14.99), follows Olly… FULL STORY

Fertig’s new poems

“After decades of publishing other writers, I decided there was still one more book of poetry in me,” writes Mona… FULL STORY

Journalism for everyone

Christopher Cheung (at right) spent his childhood in a multicultural neighbourhood in Vancouver that he believed wasn’t reflected in the… FULL STORY

Islands in the sun

Sheila Harrington sailed among the Gulf Islands for three years to interview more than fifty veteran conservationists about their local… FULL STORY

Keay Francis

Author Keay Francis’ latest book, Revolution (Papaver Press $21.99) for ages 16-18, follows single mom Kelli, as she juggles the… FULL STORY

Karen Barrow

An unexpected visitor to a cocoa estate in Trinidad triggers buried memories of mysterious deaths within a prosperous French Creole… FULL STORY

Alexander Boldizar

Preble Jefferson can see five seconds into the future, but otherwise leads an ordinary life. A subway confrontation with a… FULL STORY

Caroline Adderson

Author Caroline Adderson’s latest book, A Way to Be Happy (Biblioasis $22.95), due out in September, explores the quest for… FULL STORY

Wren Handman

When dreams start to seep into reality, they bring both peril and potential. Author Wren Handman’s book, A Midnight So… FULL STORY

Uma Krishnaswami

In her sequel to the award-winning Book Uncle and Me (Groundwood Books, 2018), author Uma Krishnaswami’s latest novel, Birds on… FULL STORY

Annette LeBox

Inspired by Dr. Suzanne Simard’s work on tree communication, author Annette LeBox’s latest book, Mother Aspen: A Story of How… FULL STORY

Mangeshig Pawis-Steckley

Inviting children to explore the woods and water while meeting various animals, multi-disciplinary Anishinaabe artist and author, Mangeshig Pawis-Steckley’s Boozhoo!… FULL STORY

Nancy Vo

The third book in the Crow Stories trilogy that is written and illustrated by Nancy Vo, The Runaway (Groundwood Books… FULL STORY

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