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From Elbow to Coyote

July 15th, 2014

Elma Schemenauer is the author of 75 books, mostly educational titles published in Canada and the USA. Born near the village of Elbow, Saskatchewan, Elma Schemenauer first learned the traditions of her extended Mennonite family. After teaching for several years, she moved into a publishing career in Toronto. In 2006, she and her husband relocated to Kamloops.

In her forthcoming adult novel, Consider the Sunflowers (Borealis 2014), it’s 1940 and Tina Janz doesn’t want to marry the man her pious Mennonite parents have chosen for her. He’s as boring as turnips compared with her half-Gypsy boyfriend Frank Warkentin. Obsessed with the dashing Frank, Tina leaves her job in Vancouver to marry him. However, her joy is soon overshadowed by loneliness on Frank’s farm in the prairie community of Coyote, Saskatchewan. When he shuns local Mennonites because some of them scorn his mixed parentage, Tina feels torn between her Mennonite heritage and her husband. Their son’s death drives the couple farther apart. Then fresh challenges send them stumbling toward a new understanding of love, loyalty, faith, and freedom.



Consider the Sunflowers (Borealis 2014)

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