The Red River Expedition of 1870

“Much is written of Canada’s take-over of the Red River Settlement in 1870 but little about the 1st expeditionary force to slog through wilderness to get there. Paul McNicholl’s (l.) reveals the details.FULL STORY



F is for Fisher

February 21st, 2022

Having worked for many years on a biography of pioneering anthropologist Wilson Duff (1925 – 1976), Robin Fisher has now published Wilson Duff: Coming Back, a Life (Harbour $39.95). Born in Vancouver, Duff lived through the Depression and WW2. He worked as the B.C. Provincial Museum’s provincial anthropologist from 1950 to 1965 and then at the University of British Columbia where he helped shape a fundamentally new understanding of Indigenous cultures for both Canada and British Columbia. In tracing the story of Wilson Duff, Fisher covers the evolution of anthropological studies as well as Vancouver during the Great Depression and war years. Fisher is a historian, studying in particular Indigenous-European relations in B.C. One of his most-read titles is Contact and Conflict (UBC Press, 1992). 9781550179750

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