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Aftermath of an earthquake

December 16th, 2021

Known for her collection of essays, Peck’s English Pointers, Frances Peck is set to release her debut novel, The Broken Places (NeWest $24.95) due out in April, 2022.  The story follows two affluent people in Vancouver after a major earthquake disrupts the city, and chaos and fear ensue. Kyle is a cosmetic surgeon on a vigorous mountain hike and Charlotte is the wife of a high-tech tycoon shopping for locally-made, artisanal cheese in the Fraser Valley. When the devastation breaks out, the two survive (although Kyle gets injured) and they try to reconnect with their families and loved ones, who unbeknownst to them, have been thrown together in an oceanfront mansion along with a couple of other strangers. Surprisingly, some calls and social media messages get through. But not for long because cell phones die and regular services like electricity and running water can’t be relied upon as the city infrastructure has crumbled. And there are aftershocks to contend with and new dangers. Throughout, readers are privy to the characters’ inner thoughts as they mentally review their past lives. 978-177439-045-0

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