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Food Writing Award Winners

November 02nd, 2023


Margot Fedoruk (at right), has won the Taste Canada Food Writing Silver award in the Culinary Narratives category for her cookbook, Cooking Tips for Desperate Fishwives: An Island Memoir (Heritage House $22.95). This book is a unique blend of love, survival and family dysfunction, chronicling Fedoruk’s life on Gabriola Island. In 1989, she left her turbulent family in Winnipeg to work as a tree planter in BC, where she met Rick Corless, a sea urchin diver. Their unexpected journey led them to settle down on Gabriola Island, where they raised two daughters and embraced a rustic lifestyle. Margot’s reflections on marriage, motherhood, isolation and family are displayed with dark humour, vivid descriptions and colourful characters. The memoir is enriched with recipes, offering a taste of both her Eastern European roots and the coastal BC cuisine.


J-C Poirier

The highly acclaimed, multi award-winning chef J-C Poirier of St. Lawrence restaurant has poured his heart and soul into his debut cookbook, Where the River Narrows: Classic French and Nostalgic Québécois Recipes From St. Lawrence Restaurant (Appetite by Random House $45.00). This book celebrates the culinary traditions of Québec and France, showcasing over 125 recipes that blend both cultures, reflecting on Poirier’s love for French cooking inspired by his home province. The recipes span from classic dishes like Tourtière, Pot-au-Feu, Tarte au Sucre and Tarte Tatin to bistro favourites such as Steak with Peppercorn Cream Sauce and Chocolate Mousse. Fans of Poirier’s Michelin-star restaurant, St. Lawrence, will find recipes to signature dishes like the infamous Pâté en Croûte and Coquilles St-Jacques à la Parisienne. Additionally, the book offers essential French cooking techniques, menus, wine pairing suggestions and personal essays that make it a delightful read for both spirited home cooks and armchair travelers. It was the winner of the Gold award in the Regional/Cultural Cookbooks category.


Denise Marchessault

The Artful Pie Project: A Sweet and Savoury Book of Recipes (Whitecap Books $39.95) is a visually captivating cookbook by pie champion Denise Marchessault and artist and photographer, Deb Garlic. This book features over 50 sweet and savory pie recipes, including galettes, pastry dumplings, slab crumbles and beloved French-Canadian classics like Tourtière and Tart au Sucre. The book offers practical how-to images, whimsical illustrations and tips to ensure your pies turn out perfectly. What’s more, it provides creative ideas for using leftover dough scraps and suggests accompaniments to complement your pie creations. With mouth-watering photos and charming illustrations, this cookbook is ideal for bakers of all levels. It was the winner of the Silver award in the Single-Subject Cookbooks category.



Desiree Nielsen

Desiree Nielsen, a registered dietitian, the host of The Urban Vegetarian TV show, and an avid believer that food is the most delicious medicine. With a focus on complex chronic digestive and inflammatory disease, she has witnessed many success stories from adopting a more whole food, plant-based approach with her clients. Her book, Good for Your Gut: A plant-based digestive health guide and nourishing recipes for living well (Penguin Canada $32.00) emphasizes the importance of gut health for overall well-being and explores the gut’s connection to the mind and body, offering strategies to restore balance and health to your digestive system. It features over 90 plant-based recipes designed to support, heal and soothe the git, with meal plans for different aspects of digestive health. These recipes, such as the Pumpkin Oat Pancakes and Spiced Tahini Roasted Squash are not only delicious, but also suitable for a plant-forward lifestyle. Alongside expert advice, the book provides information on foods that enhance digestion and practical ways to improve gut health. It was the winner of the Gold award in the Health or Special Diet Cookbooks category.



Since 1998, Taste Canada has been honouring outstanding Canadian cookbook authors and food writers in both English and French. A dedicated volunteer jury from the culinary profession, chosen by an independent selection committee, is responsible for evaluating the submissions. The awards are annually celebrated at a unique gastronomic Gala event held in Toronto.

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