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Samantha for president

May 28th, 2014

In her twelfth inspirational title for children, Emily Madill, a mother of two boys, continues to propagate her “Believe In Yourself” philosophy with a story about a girl who is reluctant to accept her friends’ nomination of her for class president. The story for girls aged 6-9, Sam’s Magic Mirror (Em & Boys $7.99), is illustrated by Izabela Bzymkek with whom she collaborated for Grateful Jake in 2012.

The characters in this chapter style book are inspired by Madill’s nieces and dedicated to girls everywhere. “We all have something special to bring to the table,” she says. “This book aims to teach girls to own their uniqueness and to respect and honor their differences.” The protagonist must look into a mirror and see herself reflected as someone capable and admired.

In addition to her self-published, confidence-boosting books, Madill has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive for Kids. In 2013, she wrote, “I have been learning that the journey of hoping, dreaming and getting the courage to put something out into the world, no matter who you are or what you do, is usually the very best part of the journey. Being brave enough to put yourself out there to share your gift is the greatest reward you can give yourself, regardless of the outcome.”

Madill, Emily watering canMadill’s Captain Joe Series© was designed to teach children about positive thoughts. The Captain Joe stories are a way to introduce the concept of “Thoughts Turn into Things so Choose the Ones that Make you Happy” to young children, ages five to nine years. Joe and his thought-zapping superpower invite children to use their imaginations to constructively choose thoughts that promote healthy self-esteem and self-awareness. Each of the four stories is designed to teach a key concept.

Captain Joe to the Rescue is the first book in the series about Joe and his encounter with Wilfred the friendly wizard. Wilfred presents Joe with a special wand that helps him take charge of his thoughts by ZAPPING away his unhappy thoughts and replacing them with ones that are happy.

Captain Joe Saves the Day is a lesson in how purposeful thinking can help eliminate self-limiting beliefs. Children discover what happens when Joe uses his invisible ‘thought-zapping’ wand to save himself from his swampy pit thoughts. After giving in to his self-doubt and disappointment, Joe learns the importance of speaking up and taking an active role in reaching his dreams of becoming a soccer goalie.

Captain Joe’s Gift teaches children about the importance of being authentic and believing in themselves. Children are encouraged to recognize and embrace their own unique traits. It doubles as a way to introduce discussions with children around anti-bullying and celebrating our differences.

Captain Joe’s Choice teaches children that when we choose happy thoughts that feel good, we set ourselves up to attract more happy thoughts and positive outcomes into our lives. Readers witness Joe’s starring role on the big screen and how his thoughts and choices influence the different outcomes. This story introduces discussions about the power of our thoughts and choices in creating our happiness.


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Emily Madill of Nanaimo


Sam’s Magic Mirror (paperback) $7.99 978-0988127326
Captain Joe to the Rescue! (paperback)
Captain Joe Saves the Day! (paperback)
Captain Joe’s Gift! (paperback)
Captain Joe’s Choice (paperback)
The Captain Joe Collection (hardcover)
Captain Joe Teaching Resources (paperback)
Grateful Jake (paperback)
Grateful Jake (hardcover)
Grateful Jake (iPad edition with audio)
Grateful Jake Resource Guide (paperback)
Grateful Jake Resource Guide (iPad edition)

Emily Madill’s books are available for purchase from on line sellers such as Amazon, Barnes &. Noble and Chapters Indigo.




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