The Red River Expedition of 1870

“Much is written of Canada’s take-over of the Red River Settlement in 1870 but little about the 1st expeditionary force to slog through wilderness to get there. Paul McNicholl’s (l.) reveals the details.FULL STORY



S is for Strang

March 22nd, 2022

Catriona Strang’s sixth collection of poetry Unfuckable Lardass (Talonbooks $16.95) takes its title from an outrageous insult directed at the former German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Strang channeled her rage and grief at this disgraceful display of sexism through her new poems. By reflecting on more loving and enlightened possibilities, and viewing people in a holistic way including every individual’s complex personal story, Strang ameliorates destructive and unjust patriarchal treatments. Catriona Strang is a member of the Kootenay School of Writing collective and a founding member of the Institute for Domestic Research. 9781772013887

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