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#35 RCMP plot scares columnist

June 07th, 2015

Hi, darlin’,

On my desk top is a somewhat tattered piece of paper on which is printed, “No matter how cynical you become it’s never enough to keep up.”

And, yes, I must admit I’ve never met a conspiracy theory I couldn’t like.

But I just can’t get over this news story about two feckless people being ensnared in a police plan to make them into serious terrorists.

If one of us was a tinpot dictator, or wanted to be, and was told by the puppetmasters to impose surveillance protection, well, we’d need to have a reason, or at least an excuse, to slide ‘er past the voters.

How to do that? Scare them!

Hell, we still don’t know for certain if a Japanese submarine really did attack the Estevan Lighthouse in 1942. There are many people who believe that was a government job.

Most Canadians accepted the War Measures Act because we were scared.

So, how to convince voters there are fanaticals on every street corner, slavering for the chance to wipe us out? HA! No problem. Find a couple of somewhat dozey losers, entrap them, and pull off a scam which wouldn’t make it in a script session in Hollywood.

Then “catch ’em,” put them on trial. And at the time that the TV news is full of breathless, catch-up recounts of the latest events in the on-going trial of terrorism suspects, blah blah blah, you drop Bill C-51.

Well, sure some of the usual malcontents protested, you know, the Civil Liberties crowd, and the voters’ rights people. But the verdict was as good as assured, there were sound bites, there were video tapes. There were what sounded like confessions. But I am left with questions unasked, and therefore questions unanswered.

How many Mounties worked on this scam?

How long did it take to pull it together, from idea to verdict?

How much did that cost?


Is it possible this was all part of scheme to slide Bill C-51 past a terrified population? It is a measure of our courage and intelligence that we weren’t terrified, are still protesting, and some of us won’t accept this. Oh, you betcha I’m going to nag nag nag about this. That’s our democracy being shredded, those are our freedoms being eroded!

As far as I can tell, those two unfortunates didn’t have a car. So were we supposed to believe they got on public transit with an abersaig full of pressure cooker bombs? Walked onto the BC Ferries, did they? Hitch-hiked off the other side and…

No, no, no, no.

As far as I’ve been able to tell, the RCMP rented them a motel room, supplied all the stuff, even drove them to the ferry, then off it and into Victoria where they got them another motel. And drove them to where they could plant these supposed bombs. As far as I can see, out here in Tahsis, the whole thing couldn’t have been more identifiably RCMP if they’d given them an honour guard of the Musical Ride, horses and pennants and all.

Surely that’s wrong.

And if you aren’t outraged, you should be.


The media and the RCMP have been complicit in scaring me. Because two nutters were cajoled into committing a crime.

Anne Cameron grows pussywillows on the western edge of Vancouver Island. She received the George Woodcock Lifetime Achievement Award for an outstanding literary career in British Columbia in 2010. Her 23 books include Daughters of Copper Woman, the bestselling work of fiction ever written about B.C. and published from within B.C. She has banished herself to Tahsis, a small town not far from Friendly Cove where the shenanigans called British Columbia all began.

One Response to “#35 RCMP plot scares columnist”

  1. Anne Miles says:

    I’m far more terrified of Stephen Harper than of these two. People who suffer from mental illnesses are often very suggestible. They are easily sucked into conspiracy theories, for example. There are hundreds of websites all over the Net catering to people’s paranoias, irrational belief systems and delusions of grandeur. It was probably easy for the RCMP to talk these two into cooperating in this plot. But is the public so easily duped? I hope not!

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