Alan Twigg’s tribute to Rudolf Vrba

Rudolf Vrba, who escaped Auschwitz and co-authored a report saving 200,000 lives, remains unrecognized in Vancouver despite his significant historical impact. Alan Twigg (l.) seeks to change this.” FULL STORY


G is for Growcott

March 18th, 2022

After working every morning in a Lancashire cotton mill in 19th century England, ten-year-old Jane, often exhausted, goes to school in the afternoons in Margaret Growcott’s historical novel, Bales and Spires (FriesenPress US$21.99). She is the youngest of eight sisters, all of whom work in the grueling cotton industry that spearheaded the United Kingdom’s industrial revolution in the 1800s. Each sister has ambitions leading some to disillusionment and thwarted love. Their tales reveal how difficult it was to escape their life of drudgery in the strict and harsh Victorian era. Growcott grew up in England where she won a prize for an essay in high school. Canada has been her home for the past forty years where she continues to write. Growcott also plays in a string orchestra. 978-1-5255-8434-3

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