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Coach for hire

December 08th, 2015

Having completed a training program with Erickson International College, former kidlit author Emily Madill of Nanaimo has contributed a blog to the Huffington Post website and now offers her services professionally as a motivational life coach, releasing a guide for adults, Fall in Love with Your Life, One Week at a Time (Emily Madill Coaching 2015 / $3.76 Kindle, $25 in person). “Life can be a balancing act and when one area is off-balance it has a way of affecting our overall level of happiness. The reason why I fell in love with coaching is that it provides a safe, positive space for clients to explore what it is they really want in life, who it is they truly are, and how they most want to show up in the world. Powerful coaching conversations help clients gain deep understanding of who they are. It helps them to create realistic perspective as to how they might go about achieving what it is they truly want… coaching is different from counseling, consulting or training. I will not advise you to take steps in a particular area or direction.  In fact, coaching is an advice-free zone. Through powerful questioning, you will be invited to think about all the things you do want and why you want them. You are the one in the driver’s seat and I am here to support you and challenge you to think in new ways in order to open up the doors to possibilities in any area of your life you choose to explore.”

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