On the path to reconciliation

Sandra Hayes-Gardiner’s (l.) memoir recounts her upbringing in a racially divided town in Manitoba and her journey from ignorance to understanding the impact of systemic racism.” FULL STORY

An actress, the playwright & her doctor

August 18th, 2022

Melia McClure’s second novel, All the World’s a Wonder (Radiant Press $22) tells of three people who intersect through their vulnerabilities: a playwright possessed by her muses; an actress desperate to succeed; and a doctor haunted by a lost love. According to publicity the three people “cross time and space to meet through the playwright’s bizarre creative process.” Furthermore, “to create, the playwright must become her characters; to tell her tragic story, the actress must speak from the grave; to heal his harrowing past, the doctor must surrender to his patient – the playwright.” A graduate of The Writers Studio at Simon Fraser University, Melia McClure’s debut novel is The Delphi Room (ChiZine, 2013). She is also a performer for stage and screen. 9781989274798

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