The Red River Expedition of 1870

“Much is written of Canada’s take-over of the Red River Settlement in 1870 but little about the 1st expeditionary force to slog through wilderness to get there. Paul McNicholl’s (l.) reveals the details.FULL STORY



A is for Annharte

February 09th, 2022

Annharte’s forthcoming Miskwagoode (New Star $16) is about her mother loss, or her “mothermiss.” This fifth poetry collection by Annharte (Marie Baker) is also about all the women “buried in common enough / cross-generational graves.” The title is a term taken from the Anishinaabe language for “woman wearing red.” Described by her publisher as an unsettling portrayal of unreconciled Indigenous experience under colonialism, past and present, Miskwagoode has a cover illustration by Annharte’s grandchild, Madeline Terbasket, and introductions by her son Forrest and her granddaughter Soffia Funmaker. Although Annharte lives as an elder in Gypsumville, Manitoba, six of her seven books have been published in British Columbia. 9781554201846

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