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“Poet, publisher and long-time supporter of the writing community, Salt Spring Island-based Mona Fertig (left) has released her first collection of poems in 14 years.” FULL STORY


Wren Handman

June 27th, 2024

When dreams start to seep into reality, they bring both peril and potential. Author Wren Handman’s book, A Midnight So Deadly (Parliament House Press $9.99) due out in August, follows Maeve and Peri, who publish their recorded dreams to delight their fans. However, their world takes a frightening turn when Maeve’s dream about a friend’s ex being murdered comes true. Meanwhile, Peri is losing their grip on reality while searching for a mysterious woman from their dreams. To uncover the truth, Maeve and Peri must find each other as the line between dreams and reality blurs, threatening reality itself. 9781956136791

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