The Red River Expedition of 1870

“Much is written of Canada’s take-over of the Red River Settlement in 1870 but little about the 1st expeditionary force to slog through wilderness to get there. Paul McNicholl’s (l.) reveals the details.FULL STORY



W is for Wallace

February 17th, 2022

In his debut novel The Little Brudders of Misericorde (Tidewater $21.95) David M. Wallace explores loss, connection and friendship. Spence’s brief optimism in his early retirement and brave move from Vancouver to Montréal, devolves into the loneliness of French lessons and watering his absent daughter’s plants. When Spence meets Thierry, a petty thief, he is drawn into a web of conspiracies. Wallace earned a BFA from the University of Victoria before acting in film productions across Canada. 9781990160080

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