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Singh-ing in the rain

March 07th, 2013

I was so pleased to find the in-depth article about Hugh Johnston’s Jewels of the Qila and Kapoor Singh Siddoo’s career on the west coast. Growing up, I always knew there was a section of Vancouver Island southwest of Shawnigan Lake that my father hunted regularly and referred to as “Kapoor.” On occasions we would pile into the family car, drive to the west side of Shawnigan Lake and head overland via the logging roads to Jordan River. The road ran along the side of a broad valley which was still an open slash. We knew it as the “Kapoor slash.” I asked my father once why it had never regrown and he said it had been deliberately burned over sometime around the war years; it was something to do with fear of a Japanese invasion.

Consequently, I knew of Kapoor Logging Company. My father worked for the Mayo Lumber Company and he often mentioned, with considerable liking and respect, the personality of “Old Mayo” and comments he had made during that time. Thank you for adding so much background to my snippets of family lore with that article.

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