Naqvi makes her debut

“Winner of the 2021 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award, Zehra Naqvi (left), is set to release her debut collection of poems and prose inspired by personal memory, family history and Quaranic traditions.FULL STORY


Queering healthcare

August 16th, 2021

Research shows what LGBTQ+ communities have long known: that they face health disparities linked to societal stigma, discrimination and denial of their civil and human rights. Zena Sharman’s The Care We Dream Of: Liberatory and Transformative Approaches to LGBTQ+ Health (Arsenal Pulp $22.95) imagines a health system that honours queer and trans people’s lives and bodies; as well as one that is committed to their healing, pleasure and liberation. In the collection, Sharman adds her essays on transforming the health system to other LGBTQ+ writers’ work that includes stories, poetry and non-fiction. Sharman co-edited the Lambda Literary award-nominated anthology, Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2011) and she’s presented on gender, sexuality and health to audiences across North America. She has also been a cabaret host, a go-go dancer for a queer punk band and a campus radio DJ. 9781551528601

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