Becoming a better animal

“In her acceptance speech for the George Ryga Award, wild salmon activist Alexandra Morton (left) says humans have to learn how to fit into this planet & stop destroying so much around us.FULL STORY



O is for Ogopogo

October 13th, 2015

In Ogopogo Odyssey (Promontory $11.95) by Dorothy Hawes, dosage young Colin is visiting his grandparents in the Okanagan Valley. He has a surprise encounter with Ogopogo, the legendary lake Okanagan monster, but nobody believes his story. Not until Colin meets a native woman who tells him the ancient legends of “Naitaka” does he realize how much there is to know about the enigmatic creature. Dorothy D.A. Hawes grew up in Vernon, BC. She is an English teacher at St. Michaels University School and makes her home in Victoria. Illustrated by Maggie Parr. 9781927559741

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