Afghani flight to freedom

Shahnaz Qayumi (left) writes about the aftermath of the Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989 and details life under Taliban rule for young readers in her latest novel.FULL STORY


Not a bear or bare lady

October 10th, 2014

Rosella Leslie’s The Cougar Lady: Legendary Trapper of Sechelt Inlet (Caitlin $22.95 pieces together the life story of Asta Bergliot Solberg, aka “Bergie” who thought nothing of rowing twenty-five miles down a windy inlet, hunting mountain goats or demanding car rides from locals. She once spent a night in the woods wrapped in the skin of a bear she had shot. She was a frequent competitor at loggers’ sports events. Amateur radio man Jim Wilkinson gave her the nickname Cougar Lady in 1981 when he gave her an old citizen’s band radio. To use it, she needed a “handle.” Bergie balked at his suggestion of Bear Lady because it might be mistaken for bare lady, but accepted Cougar Lady as a handle instead. After living for many years on her own at her cabin on Carlson Creek, she died in 2001. 978-1-927575-63-5

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