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Light days journey into Knight

January 09th, 2015

Another graduate of The Writer’s Studio at SFU, Vancouver-born Chelene Knight, while a member of the editorial board of Room, is releasing her first poetry collection, Braided Skin (Mother Tongue $18.95), largely emanating from experiences arising from her mixed ethnicity, poverty, urban upbringing and youthful dreams. The title poem ‘Braided Skin’ uses the analogy of braiding—the concept of entwining—to reflect racial tensions and ambiguities, always with the promise or threat of unravelling. Responding to the strands that comprise her life and her poetry, Wayde Compton, the Afro-Canadian director of SFU Writers Studio, notes Knight’s poetry does “not let tribulation define the journey, though it’s there,” but instead there is there is a consistence quality of dance and laughter through the book. Knight has been published in Sassafras Literary Magazine, Room, emerge 2013 and Raven Chronicles 978-1-896949-50-5 / Ayelet Tsabari  photo

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