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“Poet, publisher and long-time supporter of the writing community, Salt Spring Island-based Mona Fertig (left) has released her first collection of poems in 14 years.” FULL STORY


Emily McGiffin

February 13th, 2024

“my body and ark, carrying successors like a chambered nautilus; what I was placed here to do, ferry the unborn across the inhospitable land…” writes Emily McGiffin, as she delves into the impact of imperial violence and colonialism, examining their pervasive influence in both South Africa and Canada. Through a multifaceted and multi-voiced approach, McGiffin explores the enduring consequences of colonialism and capitalist extraction, spanning across time and geographical locations. Her poetry book, Into the Continent (University of Regina Press $19.95), brings to life the ghosts of our collective past, emphasizing the profound impact of historical events on our present world. McGiffin’s words highlight the enduring power dynamics that concentrate wealth and underscore the persistence of violence, while acknowledging moments of generosity that exist in the shadows. 9780889779891

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