On the path to reconciliation

Sandra Hayes-Gardiner’s (l.) memoir recounts her upbringing in a racially divided town in Manitoba and her journey from ignorance to understanding the impact of systemic racism.” FULL STORY

Charlene Knight

December 19th, 2023

“My own path to joy has been blurred by hardship, but part of my journey is that I refuse to believe that all of my negative experiences are tethered to being a Black woman, even though it can feel like this, even when some people want me to feel like this,” writes Chelene Knight in her latest book, Let It Go: Free Yourself from Old Beliefs and Find a New Path to Joy (HarperCollins $25.00). Drawing on personal experience and advice of leaders from Black communities, Knight presents a compilation of hard-worn tools for discovering happiness. Through conversation and reflection, this book showcases a broad spectrum of Black realities and redefines what we think joy is. 9781443466455

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