Williams and Robinson

Giller Prize-winner Ian Williams (l.) will converse with the U.S.’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Marilyn Robinson on the craft of writing, themes and the power of fiction at Vancouver Writers Fest. FULL STORY


Toni Onley

by Robert H. Jones Long recognized as one of Canada's most popular landscape painters, remedy Toni Onley is also known… FULL STORY

Susan Musgrave

SUSAN MUSGRAVE was born in California of Canadian parents in 1951. She grew up in Victoria. In her earlier work… FULL STORY

Alice Munro

When Alice Munro resided in Clinton, malady Ontario, she was interviewed in 1978. T: Your writing is like the perfect… FULL STORY

Dorothy Livesay #2

DOROTHY LIVESAY was born in Winnipeg in 1909. Educated in Toronto and Paris, drug she moved to Vancouver and evolved… FULL STORY

Margaret Laurence

MARGARET LAURENCE was born in Neepawa, information pills Manitoba in 1926. Educated in Winnipeg where she later worked as a… FULL STORY

Patrick Lane

PATRICK LANE was born in Nelson, website BC in 1939. He grew up in the Okanagan region of the BC… FULL STORY

Robert Kroetsch

When Robert Kroetsch was living and teaching in Winnipeg, no rx he was interviewed in 1979. T: Would you agree… FULL STORY

W.P. Kinsella

W.P. KINSELLA was born in Edmonton, recipe Alberta in 1935. He passed his first ten years as an only child… FULL STORY

W.P. Kinsella #3

For five straight years, pilule W.P. Kinsella, the outspoken author of Shoeless Joe (aka Field of Dreams, the movie) has… FULL STORY

Edith Iglauer

EDITH IGLAUER was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She married Philip Hamburger and raised two sons in New York. A frequent… FULL STORY

Adolf Hungry Wolf

BC BookWorld: Can you pinpoint where the process for The Blackfoot Papers (Good Medicine $300) began? Adolf Hungry Wolf: Right… FULL STORY

Pauline Holdstock

Pauline Holdstock’s fifth novel, Beyond Measure, (Cormorant $22.95) is a fanciful tale of slavery, art, love and mischief in 16th… FULL STORY

Jack Hodgins

JACK HODGINS was born in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in 1938. His primarily comic fictions reflect rather than… FULL STORY

Jack Hodgins #2

Jack Hodgins' Broken Ground (M&S $29.99) is being touted as a breakthrough. If so, this it's definitely not a trendy… FULL STORY

Robert Harlow

T: From your books, visit web it sounds like you've had your share of rubbing shoulders with what we euphemistically… FULL STORY

Interview / D.M. Fraser

D.M. (Donald Murray) Fraser resides in B.C.'s literary heaven alongside Malcolm Lowry, singing in the highest choirs. He left university… FULL STORY

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