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Bailey’s picture books

January 09th, 2024

Author J.P. Bailey’s (at right) two latest books are published through H. Wilson Books and are now available for all to read. H. Wilson Books is a small independent Canadian book publishing company based in Courtenay with a mission to sell fun, colourful books for children. Their books aim to enlighten, educate and entertain young, curious minds (

There’s a Trombone in My Toolshed (H. Wilson Books $19.85) for ages 2-8 years, is narrated in rhyming stanzas about a trombone that gets into a tool shed. No one knows why or how it got there, but it’s interacting with the tools and machines it encounters.

“There’s a trombone in my toolshed, playing Wellman, with no amp; There’s a trombone in my toolshed and it’s waltzing with the clamp,” writes Bailey, highlighting two famous deceased trombonists and one present-day, multi-award-winning trombonist; namely, Glenn Miller, Urbie Green and Angela Wellman. Bailey weaved these musical legends into the narrative of the book to educate youngsters interested in music about the important, lifelong accomplishments of these musician/composers.

This book was illustrated by David Thrasher, an international artist who is best known for his work in the animation industry from 1975 – 2005. Some of his credits include animator, storyboard artist and layout director for such industry giants as Disney, Nelvana, DIC, Nickelodeon, MGM, Rankin-Bass, and Jumbo Pictures. He lives in Courtenay, BC.

Oh Fiddle Oh Faddle (H. Wilson Books $22.25) for ages 2-8 years, features 25 of the world’s most vulnerable species of animals that are nearing extinction as they model vivid headgear and hats, while explaining how NOT to treat a fiddle. With eye-catching drawings, rhyming verses using both real and contrived words, this book will be an exciting read for children who hold music and nature close to their hearts. Further, an appendix containing information about all endangered animals highlighted in the book’s illustrations. Bailey promises to donate a percentage of book sales to a wildlife federation or an animal sanctuary.

This book was illustrated by artist Ana Sofia Chi.



J.P. Bailey grew up in rural Ardrossan, Alberta. She began crafting children’s stories when her own children were toddlers with a passion for bedtime stories. When her son took up playing the bassoon, she was inspired to write her first book, Baboons with Bassoons (H. Wilson Books, 2018). Bailey’s books are inspired mostly by musical instruments, except her book on pickles, Patrick’s Pickles (H. Wilson, 2018). Bailey is a musician herself and plays the violin in Courtenay. She has published five books to date.

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  1. Jennifer Donnelly says:

    Amazing! I love J.P. Bailey’s children’s books and I’m so glad she is getting this recognition. I know she has also donated books to children’s organizations as a way to support the community. The kids (and parents) love the vibrant colours, artistry, and of course fun and easy to read stories. So cool to see J.P.’s work be showcased! Thanks for this article.

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