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Annette LeBox

June 27th, 2024

Inspired by Dr. Suzanne Simard’s work on tree communication, author Annette LeBox’s latest book, Mother Aspen: A Story of How Forests Cooperate and Communicate (Groundwood Books $22.99) for ages 3-6 years, follows an aspen grove through the seasons. The ancient Mother Tree awakens in spring, sending up sprouts that appear as separate trees but are connected. Above ground, aspens produce sugar using sunlight; below, fungi feed on this sugar and relay messages between trees, warning of drought, disease and infestations. The Mother Tree nourishes the grove and its inhabitants. When a storm disrupts this harmony, the forest’s survival is tested. Richly illustrated by Crystal Smith, this story highlights the importance of mycorrhizal networks and conserving aspen forests. 9781773069357

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