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A body-nature conversation

January 13th, 2023

SFU prof, Celeste Nazeli Snowber who is a dancer, poet and writer has published Dance, Place and Poetics: Site-Specific Performance as a Portal to Knowing (Palgrave Macmillan US$39.99), which explores the relationship between the body, ecology, place and site-specific performance. “All of life is performance–waiting for you to participate in its conversations,” she says. “What would it mean to let your body take up the call and respond with your torso in conversing with the natural world?” With decades of performing experience, the essence of Snowber’s performative work centres around site specific performance and complete one-woman shows that integrate comedy, contemporary dance and improvisation and how one lives a juicy life amidst complexities and wonder. 978-3-031-09716-4

Photo credit: Michele Mateus

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