Musgrave gets Woodcock Award

“The hard-working and prolific writer of more than 30 books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature, Susan Musgrave (left) will receive the George Woodcock Award this year.FULL STORY



March 03rd, 2023

Librarian, musician and cat photographer, Hazel Jane Plante has released her second novel, Any Other City (Arsenal Pulp $22.95), a two-part fictional memoir ostensibly written by the narrator, Tracy St. Cyr, leader of an indie rock band. Referencing the two sides of a vinyl record, the book’s first half, “Side A,” covers the year 1993 when Tracy, a fledgling artist, arrives in a big city to pursue her ideals and falls in with a group of trans women; “Side B” flashes forward to 2019, when Tracy returns to the same city after a long healing period from a traumatic event, only now she’s a semi-famous musician. Plante’s debut novel, Little Blue Encyclopedia (Metonymy Press, 2019) received a Lambda Literary Award and was a finalist for both a Publishing Triangle Award and a BC & Yukon Book Prize. 9781551529110

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