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Wanda John-Kehewin

August 01st, 2023

Fourteen-year-old Eva Brown feels lonely and small her home in Hope, BC in Wanda John-Kehewin’s latest YA novel, Hopeless in Hope (Highwater Press $16.95). Eva’s mother, Shirley drinks and yells all the time. Eva is the target of the popular mean girl, and her only friend doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. All of it would be unbearable if it weren’t for her cat, Toofie, her beloved nohkum, and her writing, which no one will ever see. When nohkum is hospitalized after a bad fall, things go from bad to worse. Eva’s younger brother, Marcus, gets sent to live with a foster family; Eva ends up in a group home. Eva directs her fury for the ensuing events at her mother. But then, at a visit to nohkum in hospital, Eva is gifted with Shirley’s diary. Can she find forgiveness for her mother within its pages?

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