Evolution of a B.C. trilogy

“Brett Grubisic’s (left) River Bend Trilogy novels are set in a fictional town on the Fraser River, based on Mission, B.C. where he grew up. Here, we learn other ways the titles are linked.” FULL STORY

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Nobel Mike

UBC’s Michael Smith became a co-recipient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1993 for discovering site-directed mutagenesis – a… FULL STORY

Remembering Russell Kelly

Few writers were more universally well-liked than photographer and researcher Russell Kelly, there who worked at B.C. BookWorld from 1991… FULL STORY

The Silent Sisterhood

Charles Lillard, author and Pacific Northwest literary enthusiast, was a regular contributor to BC BookWorld. Though somewhat erratic in his… FULL STORY

John Wilson

John Wilson was born in Edinburgh, sickness Scotland in 1951, of parents who had recently returned from a life in… FULL STORY

Radical Happiness

Radical Happiness or or How becoming an author enabled Kay McCracken to throw off her cloak of invisibility and rescue… FULL STORY

Himmler Hunter

As depicted in Raiders in the Lost Ark, Adolf Hitler’s SS (Security Squad) was not only infamous for running the… FULL STORY

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