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Saving wild birds

December 12th, 2019

Eight-year-old Gabi accidentally drops food one day that a crow swoops down and eats. A few days later, Gabi drops more food and again a crow eats it. Crows begin waiting around the girl’s house watching for her, which encourages Gabi to start regularly leaving food out on purpose. Eventually, Gabi convinces her mother to put up a bird feeder filled with peanuts. To Gabi’s surprise, the crows begin leaving little gifts for her, such as buttons, rocks, beach glass, and – her favourite – a pearl-coloured heart trinket. This is one of the true stories in author and biologist Ann Eriksson’s upcoming, Bird’s Eye View: Keeping Wild Birds in Flight (Orca Wild $24.95), which will be published in May 2020. The book looks at wild birds around the world, threats to their survival and what young people can do to conserve their populations. Using scientific information, pictures, and profiles of young birders and what they are doing, Bird’s Eye View encourages young people to protect birds and their habitats. 978-1-45981737-1

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