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Liz Long

March 11th, 2024

Author Liz Long recounts her 50-year struggle with “Victimtown,” a mental space shaped by the unsolved murder of one of her family members. She unveils the destructive voices controlling through fear, and urges readers to embrace their heart voice for guidance to “Freedomville.” Exploring Victimtown’s attractions like the “Guilt & Shame Café,” Long highlights the pitfalls of prolonged stays. This groundbreaking framework in Navigating Shitstorms: How to Find Your True Path When Life Gets Rough (Greenleaf $18.99) equips readers with language for mental health discussions, promotes awareness about reframing negative inner dialogues, and guides the journey to self-love without conditions. Long’s relatable narrative, sprinkled with humor, invites readers on a personal quest to understand and redirect their life course. 9798886450729

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