On the path to reconciliation

Sandra Hayes-Gardiner’s (l.) memoir recounts her upbringing in a racially divided town in Manitoba and her journey from ignorance to understanding the impact of systemic racism.” FULL STORY

Linda DeMeulemeester

January 16th, 2024

After being abandoned at birth by her father, Phineas, Effy finds a comfortable home with her great-aunt Ada, who is a women’s rights advocate. But when Ada dies, Effy’s relatives try to seize her trust fund. To prevent this, Effy seeks Phineas in the circus world, discovering a vibrant community of diverse talents. Her journey involves proving herself as a performer, saving an elephant and embracing equality. Linda DeMeulemeester’s latest novel, Ephemia Rimaldi: Circus Performer Extraordinaire (Red Deer Press $14.95), is a historical adventure set in the early 20th century, that vividly portrays Effy’s growth, highlighting issues of diversity and social justice in a lively narrative filled with eccentric characters. 9780889957299

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