R.I.P Irene Howard (1922 – 2023)

“Irene Howard (left) wrote an important bio of  the first woman to be elected to Vancouver City Council. But she is probably best known for the memoir about her immigrant mining family.FULL STORY



Kristin Miller

November 09th, 2023

In 1979, Kristin Miller’s dream of settling in a remote coastal community near Prince Rupert, BC, unravelled after a failed pregnancy and faltering marriage. Alone in a ramshackle cabin, she found solace and support from the open-hearted locals—hippies, hermits, fishermen, and adventurous women. As Kristin healed physically and emotionally, the women across the harbour taught her the ways of the sea, from navigating her boat during storms to canning salmon. The shared art of quilting became a unifying force between them, offering comfort and commemorating life’s milestones like births and weddings. Knots and Stitches: Community Quilts Across the Harbour (Caitlin Press $26.00) is Miller’s touching memoir celebrating the resilience of these stalwart women (and a few men and children) who, over decades, created nearly 130 communal quilts, showcasing the enduring power of community bonds in a challenging environment. 9781773861203

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