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“Poet, publisher and long-time supporter of the writing community, Salt Spring Island-based Mona Fertig (left) has released her first collection of poems in 14 years.” FULL STORY


Jewish twins in Interwar Poland

November 10th, 2021

A three-time winner of the Helen & Stan Vine Canadian Jewish Book Awards for her poetry, Isa Milman has now written a memoir: Afterlight: In Search of Poetry, History, and Home (Heritage House $24.95) about her investigation into the lives of her mother Sabina and her twin sister Basia who grew up in interwar Poland. Sabina survived the Holocaust, Basia did not. Milman describes her fear and fascination when she traversed modern day Poland and Ukraine, the lands of her ancestors, searching for Basia’s vanished poems that she published at the age of fourteen. Milman also delves into the complexities of what cultures choose to remember and what they erase. 9781772033830

Photo by Shea Lowry.

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