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“During her so-called retirement in North Vancouver, award-winning cartoonist, Lynn Johnston (at left) began writing kidlit about robots – the Alottabotz series – with three titles to date.FULL STORY


Horror and rage

February 06th, 2023

Channeling the gothic horror stories of Mary Shelley, the Bronte sisters, Henry James and others, Erica McKeen has released her debut novel, Tear (Invisible Publishing $22.95) about a university student, Frances who struggles to distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. McKeen’s style is lyric. “The darkness was the palm of her hand, spread out and invisible in front of her eyes,” McKeen writes in an early passage. “She knew only by wriggling her fingers that the hand was there, by the texture of skin on air.” McKeen’s website calls the novel “a reclamation of female rage and horrifyingly deformed Bildungsroman.” Now a resident of Vancouver, McKeen was born and raised in London, Ontario. She is working on her second manuscript. 9781778430060

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