R.I.P. Alice Munro (1931 – 2024)

“Compared to Anton Chekhov for her peerless short stories for which she won a Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013, Alice Munro (left) has died.FULL STORY


Heather Conn

November 09th, 2023

“Knowing that there are other women out there who have been through similar things, I felt like if I can put something out there that might make the journey easier for someone else, then that’s what really kept me going. Not everybody has the same levels of support,” says Heather Conn about her book, No Letter in Your Pocket (MiroLand $25.00). This book is a genre-blending narrative that combines autobiography and travelogue. The author recounts her 30s in India, where she encountered cultural richness but also faced objectification and unwelcome advances. The story draws parallels between her experiences in India and her relationship with her seemingly benevolent but abusive father, emphasizing the theme of finding peace amid paradoxes. The book uses an undelivered letter as a metaphor, framing a transformative journey and encouraging discussions about trauma survivors, challenging the toxicity of silence. 9781771837873

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