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From cattle to Quantum Wisdom

September 26th, 2015

As Nina Woolliams, Nina Shoroplova wrote an important book on ranching in B.C., Cattle Ranch: The Story of the Douglas Lake Cattle Company (Douglas & McIntyre, 1979).

perf6.000x9.000.inddWith an endorsement by Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon, Nina Shoroplova has now hybrid-published her advice about spirituality as Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom (North Vancouver: Influence Publishing 2015).

“If we are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual beings,” Shoroplova says, “then I began my adult life working through the physical plane—first training as a physiotherapist in Wales, UK, and then writing the history of Canada’s largest cattle ranch because I was living there. I was very grounded.”

Born in Cardiff, Wales in 1947, she came to Canada in 1969 to work as a physiotherapist and married the manager of the Douglas Lake Ranch in 1970. In 1979, as her book was published, she left to operate a sheep and cattle ranch in Australia for five years. She returned to Vancouver in 1984 and studied Communications at SFU prior to a fifteen-year career in government relations. After taking a “body-mind-spirit” course at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, she increasingly turned to matters of spirituality and health. Remarried, she has raised four children.

Shoroplova, Nina CattleRanch_frontcoverBOOKS:

Cattle Ranch: The Story of the Douglas Lake Cattle Company (Douglas & McIntyre, 1979)

Trust the Mystery: Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom (North Vancouver: Influence Publishing 2015) (Wrasma 2017 978-0-9953129-4-4)

3 Responses to “From cattle to Quantum Wisdom”

  1. Hello Tony Arkwright,

    Thanks for your comment on this page from over a year ago. As you can tell, I’m not checking this article very frequently!

    I have not kept up with Douglas Lake Cattle Company’s history since I left the ranch in 1979 to live in Australia. These days, I am writing books on self-awareness, books that straddle self-expression and spirituality. There’s an up-to-date entry on my current writing in BC Bookworld Archive: You can also find out more about my journey on my own website:

    It was a joy to write “Cattle Ranch” while I lived there and I am gratified that it continues to bring pleasure to others.

    Thank you for commenting.

    Nina Shoroplova

  2. Tony Arkwright says:

    Hi Nina:

    Just re-read my copy of Cattle Ranch, it gets better every time. Could be my memory…I love the Nicola Valley and have followed the D.L.Ranch\’s history for many years. Your history has piqued my interest once again. Have you kept up with current history? Your book ends during the ownership of Mr. Woodward. Have you considered a sequel, covering the next 30 plus years? Is there a source to avail myself of this newer history that you are aware of?
    Thanks for writing the book, it occupies a special place on my mantel.

    Tony Arkwright

  3. Thanks, Alan, for changing “self-published” to “hybrid-published” in this snapshot of my life, especially of my life as an author.

    For me, there is a world of difference between the current self-publishing options and the great services that some hybrid publishers provide. It’s a continuum from the extreme example of printing an unedited poorly written manuscript on one end all the way over to professionally editing, proofreading, marketing, book cover designing, typesetting, and typesetting production editing at the other end.

    That’s the professional service that Julie Salisbury, founder of Influence Publishing provides.

    And, because I’m the senior editor at Influence Publishing, we went outside the company to hire Catherine Kerr—the very same editor who had edited (substantive and copy editing) Cattle Ranch thirty-five years earlier—to edit Trust the Mystery.

    Thanks for posting this update so quickly.

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