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FBCW Event Featuring BC Writers

February 15th, 2024

Authors Wiley Wei-Chiun Ho (at right) and Meaghan Hackinen will be hosting the Regional Spotlight: North Shore Writers’ Association event held on Tuesday, 27 February at 7:00 pm via Zoom, organized by the Federation of BC Writers.

The event will feature book readings from the following BC authors:

Samantha Adkins

Samantha Adkins is a writer and teacher living on Bowen Island. She has recently published an historical fictional novel, Enough (Self Published $14.56), about a mother, piano teacher and a pastor’s wife, Caroline Williams, who can’t seem to do any of her jobs right. The parishioners complain about her, her students do not seem to be motivated to learn from her and she’s forever disappointing her children. And one day, when her grandmother, Elrica Braun, is rushed to the hospital, Caroline unlocks stories about Elrica’s life as a pastor’s wife during and after the Second World War that brings Caroline’s problems into focus, making her question certain aspects of her life.

Adkins has also self-published four Jane Austen-inspired women’s fiction novels, two adult romance novels and a young adult fantasy novel. Her book, After His Heart (CKN Christian Publishing, 2018) won the 2019 Christian Indie Award for Fiction Romance in 2019.

Marie-Claude Arnott

Marie-Claude Arnott was born in France and lives in West Vancouver. She studied foreign languages, has a BA in International Studies/Law, and a certificate from the London School of Journalism. Her debut book, Biography of a Friendship: A Memoir (Tule Publishing) will be released in March, 2024.

Arnott recounts memories about her friend, Juliette, whom she met in an office in Switzerland when she was starting a new job. Juliette was sophisticated and refreshingly blunt, and young Arnott was drawn to Juliette’s wit and zest for life. Even when careers, marriages, motherhood, moves and tragedy separated them across decades and continents, their friendship thrived. Until one day, Arnott had to face the devastating truth that Juliette was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Although Arnott was crushed, she visited Juliette in France and later Switzerland, where the pair made the most of Juliette’s remaining months together.

Calvin Wharton

Calvin Wharton has published fiction, non-fiction and poetry in Canada, the US, Wales, Sweden and Denmark. A former chair of Creative Writing at Douglas College and editor of Event magazine, he has also been writer in residence at the University of Wales and had a Coracle Europe residency in Sweden. His most recent poetry book, This Here Paradise (Anvil Press $18.00), traverses a spectrum of emotions, from personal reflections to a panorama of hopeful attentiveness. The collection, marked by clear imagery and a rhythmic quality, strikes a balance between readability and thoughtful depth, playfully acknowledging the dualities of highs and lows within paradise. The tension inherent in these conditions resolves across the five sections, as Wharton opens a metaphorical suitcase of birds, watching them soar over a vibrant landscape of open waters.



Date: February 27, 2024

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Via Zoom

FREE event for anyone interested. Register here to secure your spot. The Zoom link will be shared after registration.

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