Afghani flight to freedom

Shahnaz Qayumi (left) writes about the aftermath of the Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989 and details life under Taliban rule for young readers in her latest novel.FULL STORY


Confessional poems

April 05th, 2022

Michelle Poirier Brown was 38 when she discovered she had a hidden indigenous identity. Coming to terms with her new found Métis heritage was compounded by having to deal with childhood trauma from an incestuous rape as well as nearly dying from an incidence of exposure to extreme cold. She reveals her journey of pain, belonging, hope and resilience in her debut collection of poems You Might Be Sorry You Read This (Univ. of Alberta Press $19.99). Publicity about the book states: “The confessional poems are polished yet unpretentious, often edgy but humorous; they explore trauma yet prioritize the poet’s story. Honouring the complexities of Indigenous identity and the raw experiences of womanhood, mental illness, and queer selfhood, these narratives carry weight.” Brown concludes in one of her poems that “You need / only be the simple / expression of the divine / intent / that is your life.” 9781772126037

Photo by Helene Cyr.

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