Evolution of a B.C. trilogy

“Brett Grubisic’s (left) River Bend Trilogy novels are set in a fictional town on the Fraser River, based on Mission, B.C. where he grew up. Here, we learn other ways the titles are linked.” FULL STORY

Bringing back the Bees

April 21st, 2016

Lori Weidenhammer is an artist whose life is intertwined with bees. Her father kept bees, and years later Weidenhammer is teaching others to keep them alive. Her book, Victory Gardens for Bees: A DIY Guide to Saving the Bees (Douglas and MacIntyre $26.95) provides an essential service for the earth-conscious gardener. The book includes tips on which plants to grow, which bees they’ll attract and how to arrange your garden when you do. There are separate sections on edible herbs, trees, shrubs, vegetables and perennials collected with bees in mind. Victory Gardens for Bees also provides an extensive section on the various species of bee found in North America. The photos used offer a rare look at many of these creatures, casting them as providers rather than pests. Weidenhammer advises aspiring beekeepers to turn to a mentor for developing their skills, citing Brian Campbell as her own beekeeping muse. Campbell, founder of the Blessed Bee Community Apiary and Bee School in Vancouver, is a prime example of conservation gardening and Apiary expertise. Beyond the gardens, the book also contains valuable information on honey, such as sustainable harvesting practices and storage methods. Victory Gardens for Bees provides a comprehensive look at a long-ignored factor in healthy ecosystems around the world. 978-1-77162-053-6.

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